Reinforced Endotracheal Tube – bevel posterior facing

Ideal for managing a difficult airway and intubations in the emergency department, ambulance services and the military where use of a bougie/intubating stylet is mandatory

Ideal to use when managing a difficult airway.


Designed to be used (railroaded) over a bougie or fibreoptic scope or with a stylet( shown to improve first-attempt intubation success in multiple studies ) or for endotracheal intubation through an intubating laryngeal mask airway.

Compatible with the Genesis Oral /Nasal endotracheal tube pack allowing retrograde nasal intubation if needed for maxilla-facial surgery or securing the endotracheal tube for patient transport without the need for extubation and re-intubation.

A reinforced endotracheal tube with a posterior facing bevel provides a greater initial success rate of intubation when railroaded over a bougie or fibreoptic scope.

Genesis endotracheal tubes have high volume low pressure cuffs and curved atraumatic tips centring endotracheal tube on bougie and eliminating gap between bevel and bougie preventing laryngeal hang up.

Genesis reinforced endotracheal tubes are manufactured from soft, smooth non-stick PVC to allow easy passage over a bougie or fiberoptic scope.


VC – vocal cords
AC – arytenoid cartilage
AF – aryepiglottic folds

Arrow indicating Gap between

bevel and bougie allowing

hang up on laryngeal structures.

Genesis endotracheal tube

with posterior facing bevel

and curved atraumatic tip

designed to prevent hang up

on laryngeal structures.