Why Choose Genesis Oral RAE Endotracheal Tube?

Posterior facing bevel with curved atraumatic tip ensures first pass success with reduced laryngeal hang up

Designed to for use with video laryngoscopes allowing easy passage

Reduced tracheal, laryngeal trauma and vocal cord trauma

Posterior bevel offers several advantages in an unexpected difficult airway

The larynx/trachea/vocal cords are midline symmetrical structures unsuited for endotracheal tubes with asymmetrical lateral facing bevels

Indications for Genesis Oral RAE Endotracheal Tubes:

any surgery to facilitate directing the tubes away from the surgical field above the neck (ophthalmology, ENT or facial surgery)

Tonsillectomy and adeniodectomy with the mouth gag

Studies that support the use of the Oral RAE Endotracheal Tube Cuffed with Posterior Facing Bevel include:

20, 39, 40, 44, 51

Units : Minimum Order Quantity 10 and Multiples thereof