The smart and safe choice of an endotracheal tube to secure an airway

Why choose Genesis oral/nasal endotracheal tube?

Posterior facing bevel with curved atraumatic tip ensures first pass success with reduced laryngeal hang up

Designed to for use with video laryngoscopes allowing easy passage

Reduced tracheal, laryngeal trauma and vocal cord trauma

Posterior bevel offers several advantages in an unexpected difficult airway

The larynx/trachea/vocal cords are midline symmetrical structures unsuited for endotracheal tubes with asymmetrical lateral facing bevels

Posterior facing bevels cause less trauma when passed through the nasopharynx and the bevel and tip confirmation make this endotracheal tube ideal to use in laryngoscope assisted and blind intubations

Genesis advises that the distal end of the Genesis endotracheal tube are secured as close to the midline as possible:

The larynx/trachea/vocal cords are midline symmetrical structures. Genesis endotracheal tubes are symmetrical with a posterior facing bevel and curved atraumatic tip

Securing the endotracheal tube in the midline reduces trauma caused by the lever and fulcrum mechanism increasing the forces transmitted to the trachea/vocal cords and larynx

Posterior facing bevel and soft curved atraumatic tip further reduces trauma caused by the lever and fulcrum mechanism

Studies that support the use of the Oral Endotracheal Tube Cuffed with Posterior Facing Bevel include:

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