FLEXI-LMA plus Bite Block

The first of its kind, this innovative anaesthesia device is a breakthrough in safe airway management.

The NAP4 report recommends using a bite block with an LMA.
The Flexi-LMA plus bite block is the only flexible LMA with an integral sliding bite block with a locking mechanism allowing customised placement of the bite block. It has a soft consistency to reduce dental damage while still preventing tube occlusion.

Guedels airways are not recommended for use as bite blocks
– may cause uvular oedema
– may cause dental damage
– induce laryngospasm, vomiting and aspiration


Biting down and negative pressure pulmonary oedema

Dental damage

Tongue and lip injuries

The bite block is integrated into the LMA preventing displacement into the oesophagus or airway

All the contraindications to using a first generation LMA

Increased risk of aspiration: Prolonged bag-valve-mask ventilation, morbid obesity, second or third trimester pregnancy, patients who have not fasted before ventilation, upper gastrointestinal bleed

Need for high airway pressures; poor pulmonary compliance, high airway resistance

Suspected or known abnormalities in supraglottic anatomy

Position the bite block distally against the 15mm ISO connector of the LMA before insertion.

A small amount of water-soluble lubricant will allow the block to slide easily over the tube.

When the LMA has been placed the bite block may be slid into position between the teeth over the tube. Pressing the tube down into the bite block will lock it in place.

Before changing position of the bite block remember to unlock the block.

When emerging from anaesthesia, it is recommended that the bite block be placed lateral to the single rooted central incisors that are most likely to cause damage.


May cause uvular oedema.

May cause dental damage

Induce laryngospasm, vomiting and aspiration.

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