Dental Flexy-LMA

The first of its kind, this innovative anaesthesia device is a breakthrough in oral/ dental surgery.

The Dental Flexy-LMA is a simple, smart design aimed at making the anaesthetist and oral surgeon friends again. For the anaesthetist; easy airway access with an oral LMA, and tube security with the unique bite block and lock mechanism. For the oral surgeon; surgical access to the entire oral cavity without the interference of the airway tube in the surgical field.

The airway tube passes through the bite block offering several advantages;

Removes the airway tube of the LMA out of the surgical field

Bite block has clip in/out mechanism for the LMA airway tubing reducing the chance of accidental dislodgement by the surgical team.

Easy to transfer from left to right sides giving surgical access to the entire oral cavity.

May be used horizontally to prevent biting on the tube when patient is emerging from anaesthesia.

All the contraindications to using a first generation LMA

Increased risk of aspiration: Prolonged bag-valve-mask ventilation, morbid obesity, second or third trimester pregnancy, patients who have not fasted before ventilation, upper gastrointestinal bleed

Need for high airway pressures; poor pulmonary compliance, high airway resistance

Suspected or known abnormalities in supraglottic anatomy

Position the bite block distally against the 15mm ISO connector of the LMA before LMA insertion

After induction of anaesthesia the LMA is inserted, its position, absence of a leak and ability to achieve unobstructed ventilation is verified.

After choosing which side to insert the bite block the bite block is orientated with the side labelled M-medial and L-lateral

The jaw is then opened, and the bite block is slid over the airway tubing of the LMA and positioned between the molar teeth.

The tube may be locked into the bite block by pushing the proximal tubing medially against the bite block


Unclip the LMA tube from the bite block with lateral pressure.

Open the jaw. Stabilize the LMA tubing. Slide the bite block distally until it is out of the mouth.

Rotate the bite block 180 degrees and repeat steps 4 and 5 above.

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